FabMoney is the project of a digital/physical currency for fostering collaboration and business in FabLabs.

I'm currently working on FabMoney as a project of the FabAcademy, it should be finished by the end of May 2012 then. I will then update more information (and probably go on with its development) here, for the moment you can check my page on FabAcademy to see how it is developing. Meanwhile you can follow me on Twitter or send me an e-mail to info [at] openp2pdesign.org

Everything will be released as Open Source Software, Open Hardware, Open Design, Open Data and you will be able to build the system in any FabLab everywhere.

First proposal: each token has a RFID tag that stores the code that identify each user and the amount of value he has. Then there is a device (the market) where users interact with the tokens, exchanging value between them. Then the market is connected to the web and release the data of the interactions as Open Data.